Message from Chairman


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Greetings from Nepal!

Young Manpower Pvt. Ltd. has reflected itself as one of the prominent and leading manpower agencies in Nepal since its establishment. We have been consistently offering our best services and meeting the expectations of our valued clients’ requirements in a cost- effective and efficient manner. We would like to introduce ourselves as a well-established firm, as we have very robust past experience behind us.

We believe that honesty comes prior to quality. Our growth has proved it as well as our honesty and loyalty to the business. Since our establishment, we have been consistently expanding our services, simultaneously covering all regions of the country and this day, we have succeeded to become one of the leading manpower agencies of Nepal. Our strives have contributed to reduce unemployment problems in our country, locating a mass number of idle population to foreign occupations.

Over the past few years, our sincerity and dedicated services integrated with high level of professionalism have helped us to deserve global recognition. Our confidence have been boosted and encouraged us to look forward for newer opportunities.

We have always maintained our primary procedure to deploy human resources in foreign platforms using our art of Human resource system. If drawbacks are perceived, we upgrade their skills by offering them supplementary training courses that best suits their aptitude and skills.

We hope for greener future and great successes. 

Thanking you.

With best regards, 

Salik Ram Dahal


Message from Managing Director

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Dear valued clients,

Young Manpower Pvt.Ltd. since its inception, the name has been synonymous with quality, performance and excellence. We Young Manpower Pvt. Ltd. is well-equipped and adequately experienced to offer Nepalese workers for overseas recruitmentfor our valued clients in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan and Qatar.

Having been in this field for over 15 years, I can foresee a bright future in rendering this service of bringing closer the employers and employees for their mutual prosperity. We are committed to having a good partnership, transparency and reliability with our clients. Our valued clients are fully aware that we have the skills, resources and expertise and most importantly, the ability to complete their requirements to the highest standards onshort time as possible.

We at Young Manpower Pvt. Ltd. take pride in our achievements which we attribute to the dedication of our staff, whose exceptional skills and expertise are the key value of our company’s success. Thanks to our experienced, loyal and efficient team of workers and professionals that helped us to succeed in proving our best services as our promises.We can rise to the challenges and excel in our performance to the satisfaction of our valued clients.

We do feel that there is ample scope for us to work for you to fulfil your need in human resources recruitment.  We can meet, discuss and finalize other terms and conditions to our mutual business interests.

“We can assure you of complete satisfaction with our style of operation, confidentiality as well as fruitful results.”

Thanking you.


Best Regards,

Shailesh Jung Rana
Managing Director